Chairman Message:

Starting the struggle of life at a very early age. I have traversed the tough road to success through myriad experience and experiments. In this journey, I have come across thousands of people.A few successful in rising on the path of successes, the others merely dragging

On with their lives. In my interview with them, I found that the biggest lagging was in their basic education. Whole people went through their education merely passing exams for degrees. They lacked in the basic skills of effective communication and Arithmetic.

The overemphasis on Examination and Marks has taken the most important element of schooling away from the children, learning and preparation of their future lives.

These experiences have proved very helpful in pursuing one of the most important missions of my life setting up the Gurukul, Rewa, where the kids can get a complete environment to grow with their best qualities as human.

My aim is to go beyond routine teaching and educate every student to because a successes in his life. In short the whole some development of the students as a gift of god to mankind and a pride of the human race.

With good wishes.
Dr. Rajnish