The Gurukul is designed to provide not only the quality education, but in ealcate high moral values sanskar and our all good human being.

The Gurukul is designed with an ideology to give a complete educationincluding high morale and cultural values as well as physical development of the students.

School premises will give a clean, pollution free, calm and quiet atmosphere to learn and live, based on Guru Shishya Parampara where the teacher inactivates the best qualities if life in students.

In school premises they lived and learn in an atmosphere where they can feel free and friendly by passing around 10 hours by doing different activities like studies, games, exercises, fooding, along with home work (Revision of the covered course).

In school the students come with empty hands without any burden of home work. All the study material will be provided at school, all the educational activities will be done at school only. So that the students while going at home will be with the family members.,/

In school the children will get proper training of all popular games like football, cricket, basketball, volleyball, badminton, specially swimming, boxing, Horse riding & skating by the an experienced physical trainer.

In school premises the students learn in an equal and highly scientific atmosphere where every thing is designed as per their age, physical as well as mental level.

The education will be in parts by covering all aspects of syllabus as well as general knowledge with profile and physical exercise along with the games according to their age group; which help to develop the growth of a child.

All the modern educational equipments, study materials, audio visual equipment along with games will be provided to the student in order to give them the best possible facilities.

At our premises the students will get perfect English speaking environment where they will talk in English for 10 to 11 hours daily to the teachers, staff members and with each other.

The school gives conveyance facility from the city. Our staff will take attendance of students at the time of boarding. The parents can talk to their wards at any time on the way or at school.

Our school faculty is of different standards with good teaching experience and knowledge in their respective fields, and all this will be in strict supervision of the management. There will be a quarterly parent’s teachers meet to evaluate their wards.