Holidays Vacations:

The following rules of school discipline shall be observed strictly:

  1. The students shall be regular and punctual and avail leave of absence only as granted/sanctioned.
  2. The Students shall be neatly and tidily dressed in the prescribed uniform.
  3. No student shall speak any language other than English while in the school campus or while traveling in the bus.
  4. Students will observe perfect silence when the class is in progress. They shall not make noise in the corridors or loiter around.
  5. Students will be expected to be courteous, polite, well mannered, honest, truthful, respectful, and obedient towards the teachers, all elders and visitors.
  6. The students shall bring his/her diary every day without fail.
  7. Any vulgarity, indecent, unruly or disorderly behavior will be reprimanded.
  8. Any student found guilty of any proven misconduct or an act of misdemeanor involving turpitude will be liable for expulsion & the decision of the head of the Institution in that regard shall be final and binding.
  9. A student failing twice in the Annual Promotion Examination of the same class may asked to leave the school.