Katyayni Shikshan Sansthan, in order to accomplish its object, starts a English medium residential school, in a remote area in order to develop the rural area’s student not only in the field of academic but focus is on the whole ………… development of the students, so that they can be useful for the building of new progressive society.

The Katyayni Shikshan Sansthan Rewa provide high quality education, environment, healthy food, The basic facilities, good and huge sports and cultural infrastructure with a very reasonable and subsidized charges. So that the weaker section of the society can also avail the facilities

In the present scenario there are many schools, which are ready to give education with different ideologies and thoughts. As we talk about the English Medium Schools, where the student get English speaking environment and after that they talk in Hindi or their mother tongue and while playing they talk in local languages. In this way the kids are not getting sufficient environment for speaking English.

Similarly while playing in playground the kids play with other children of different age group where the children do not get the proper environment and guidance. All these cause poor knowledge of game, lack of competitive spirit and as they do not have sense to analyze good and bad, sometimes they learn many ill practices from others.

On the other side the kids after coming home they get tuition at home most of the time the teachers are not of high profile. They only cover the home work, given by the school. Then of giving home work is to revise the study matter by the student which is already taught in the school. In this way there are many more crippler facts, which slow down the complete growth of the kids.

The Answer of All Such
Similar Problems is
Gurukul Rewa